King Innovation Acquires Blazing!

King Innovation, a manufacturer of irrigation, electrical and utility products in O’Fallon, MO, is pleased to announce that it has acquired Blazing Products, Inc.

Brothers Herb King (CEO of King Innovation) and Tom King (former CEO of Blazing Products) have a long history in the irrigation industry. During this time both parties have focused their efforts on a common goal- to develop innovative products that help make the irrigation professional’s job easier. King Innovation is excited to continue in this tradition as the company expands, and is eager to use this opportunity to improve the customer experience.

During their twenty-one years in business, Blazing Products developed several key irrigation brands in saddles, pipe fittings, wire connectors pipe cutters, and more. King Innovation is looking forward to taking on these brands, and is excited for the potential to further expand the Blazing trademark.

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Blazing Products was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing quality products to the Irrigation and Landscape industries. With a focus on labor efficiency and ease of use, Blazing Products began with freeze protection drains and pipe pulling grips and has now evolved into a full line of fast fittings, self-tapping saddles, and waterproof wire connectors as well.  


Blazing Products is squarely focused on developing original and innovative products that speed up installation and make installation simpler. Every product is geared to make the professional installer or repair specialist’s life easier and more profitable. This same commitment to quality and efficiency benefits the do-it-yourselfer as well.


Tom King, company founder and CEO, brings decades of industry experience to the research & design process. R&D is a primary commitment at Blazing Products. The primary reason we’re in business is to offer innovations that make a real difference in users’ lives.


Blazing Products continues to bring out industry changing products with the same goal of making irrigation installation quicker and simpler.