Blazing Wire Connectors

Blazing has been developing wire connectors for over 8 years with a focus and goal of making connectors that are easier to use and provide better moisture protection and wire restraint than other connectors on the market. Focusing directly on the irrigation and landscape lighting markets has allowed us to make connectors that work for specific applications common in these industries.

BVS Wire Connectors

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The Blazing BVS Series connectors are the affordable alternative to traditional waterproof wire connectors. All three connectors have a UL listing for raintight, watertight and are filled with high grade silicone that won’t harden or run. Their unique style provides superior wire restraint and an ease of use that is unrivaled.

LV Series Connectors

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Blazing LV 9000 and LV 9500 wire connectors are the low-voltage wire connectors designed for the professional irrigation and landscape lighting contractor. Unlike twist-on connectors, you never have to doubt the connection. With a unique design that hydraulically coats the connection in silicone, the LV series connectors are completely waterproof.