Blazing Drains


Blazing Drains provide protection against surprise freezes in the fall and winter. Available in a variety of configurations for every situation. For both PVC and Poly systems. Threaded drains, main line drains, end of line drains, swing pipe drains, and our exclusive siphon drain for easy installation. Made of high impact ABS.

Lateral Line Drains

Patented valve provides Turbulent Flushing Action™ with every on/off cycle. Also includes Dirt-Stopper Screen™ and easy-install wings. Patented recessed wicking pad. Guaranteed up to 1250 psi burst pressure.

Main line Drain

Same Turbulent Flushing Action, Dirt-Stopper Screen, easy-install wings and patented recessed wicking pad. Guaranteed up to 2500 psi burst pressure.

Swing Pipe Drains

Insert elbow with a drain built in. With Dirt-Stopper Screen, hammer slug and recessed wicking pad.

Siphon Drain

Save on labor, fittings, clamps and cement! The Siphon Drain™ self-pierces and clamps onto poly pipe in just three seconds. Or, it installs just as fast on PVC after drilling a 3/8 in. hole. Grommets available for PVC installation.

OD-1 Drain

The OD-1 takes all the benefits of multiple drains and combines them into 1 drain.  Double screen design keeps out debris.  Only drain in the industry with two screens.  Lightning grip design for maximum comfort and ease of use.

OD-2 Drain

One drain multiple combinations.  Attach drain to either side of fitting that works best for your installation of sprinkler head.





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