BlazingBartB-THANKYOUOur company switched to Blazing’s TLC wire connectors about a year ago and we would never go back to DryConn wire nuts. The TLC connector grips better when you have wet and muddy hands, and bites on to the wire much better than any we have used. We also have found we can connect more wires in the TLC 10 than we could with the old Black & white. We use them every day and have http://www.mindanews.com/buy-levaquin/ never had a failure on any connection.

John Brosh, Vice President of Operations, Turfbuilders Irrigation, Inc.

Our company switched from using the black/white wire connectors to the blazing TLC-10 connectors last year.  We feel they have a better “bite” and grip when installing them.  We get a bigger connector for the same price as the other wire nuts.  We have had no failures and completely satisfied with the switch.

Howard Kucera, President, Natures Helper Inc